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It seems like every year since I began at uni on the foundation course I have taken an annual trip to the special collections on the 3rd floor in the library. Today was the day I took that trip, but today I went with an actual reason and not because 'I had to for my journal!' After my discussion with Sue regarding my dissertation and being briefed with second part of 'Silence,' I felt it was necessary to visit to especially look at the handmade artist books and the paper sculptures. I began by looking at the work of an artist called Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck, an artist who uses papercut as her main form of illustration in her own books. I can't wait to see more of her collection in a few weeks when she visits for the Manchester Artist Books Fair! I really loved her different approach to each page of her books and the attention to detail in the folding and cutting of the paper. Here are some images of her work:
Her work really inspired me, especially in relation to our current 'silence' brief. Mette, it seems makes considerations for each of the pages before she starts instead of just creating a page at a time, everything corresponds! This is something I also have to do for part 2 of our brief as I want to create a document. I then went onto look at other artists books, particularly the way they were folded and how they were presented rather than the actual themes. I completely forgot to write the names of all of the artist books and the designs...but theses are the ones I liked!

I was fascinated by this 'book in a box' called Letter's Home and the complexity of the folds in the paper, I just need to figure out how it was done.

I also found the concertina books useful to look at, I really need to practice my folding skills so they are perfect for my own books, as I would really like to explore book design especially as a form of communication. Here are a few concertinas from the library.

Finally...if this hasn't bored you enough, I got the chance to see this brilliant paper sculpture, I love the dimensions of the piece and just the general themes of the birds flying out of a book. Quite a haunting piece, seeing a real paper sculpture has furthered my interest into the use of paper which will help me express my views within my dissertation.

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