Could you imagine anything worse? Not sure where the image is originally from, but I found it here whilst looking up pigeon phobia and I just wanted to share it with you. I love the natural reaction which is conveyed in the face, it definitely isnt forced and looks like a mixture of fear, shock and amusement. Apparently the girl in the image is Sylvie Vartan (a French singer?!).


Just finished colouring in the robin, not sure what I'll do with this....maybe just one for the old sketchbook!



A current brief I am answering is named 'Panic'. It involves me creating a visual response to the word in a possible poster, book or moving image format. I began by looking at superstitions and phobia's, particularly focusing on the idea of birds and people's various feeling towards them. This will be something I will go more in-depth into when the work has developed a little futher. After gathering imagery and idea's have begun intial illustrations, and above is just a small example which I am currently applying colour too, to make it more 'robin-like'!


RSA stamp brief

It's been quite a while since I blogged about my own work, mostly because I had lost all self motivation (not good at this point of 3rd year), but after a review on Friday and a feedback session with my tutor on tuesday I realised I was so close to actually finishing this RSA stamp brief. The brief asked to re-design a set of commemorative stamps for the Royal Mail based on either 'bio-diversity' or 'country definitives.' I chose to look at the country definitive option and I began to collect people's different ideals of the the four countries in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales).

After much procrastination over which subject matters to cover for each country, I decided to focus on the idea of food resulting in a set of 4 stamps (1 of which is the national emblem of the country) based on the national foods. This was chosen as a theme as I believe it to be a unique and contemporary approach to the stamp's design and a subject matter which would appeal to everyone.

The simple ink illustrations were drawn onto water colour paper, scanned and the colour was digitally applied. I'm quite pleased with the final designs but am still working on the packaging to case them in, but thought i'd share with you where I am upto at the minute!


Need 1 or maybe 3 of each of the kits (infact all of the items for sale) please. Thanks.

Easter Treats

So, today was the day where myself, Kat, Isobel and Gemma 'did our bit' for the D&AD Degree Show! A big thanks to everyone that dropped by to say hello and buy something delicious...we managed to raise about £121.00 just through selling brownies, cookies, chocolate lollies/eggs, candles, cards and other yummy things! We had a really fab day and are glad we made our contribution to the final funds. Well done girls :) x


Nice Blogs

In my quest to become a better blogger, I have been scrolling through lots of blogs which I have found hugely inspiring; both aesthetically and content wise. I though it would be nice to share them with you:

The first one I found was called Tea For Joy. It's just so lovely, full of all things British and Vintage...you could scroll through it for simply hours. The blog is also linked to the online store PaperMash (a new one of my favourites!) I simply adore the range of decorative tapes, especially the Japenese Masking Tapes- I NEED one (or even 3) of every roll. Please.

The second discovery is called (oh, hello friend.) you are loved. Simply wonderful. I love the idea of the package exchange. The idea being you send a beautifully, packaged parcel to a stranger and in return you receive one which is equally gorgeous! The gallery of images from previous exchanges is just so lovely and I could look through this blog all day long. I demand you go and take a peep now!



To raise some money for our Design and Art Direction degree show in Summer, people are busily fundraising in many different ways! Obviously it's only fair that everyone does a turn; so myself, Isobel, Gemma and Kat will be holding an Easter bake sale!

Come along on Tuesday 16th March to the Holden Gallery from 10am, where we will be selling lots of lovely Eastery treats!



Take me there

Even though it's still so crisp and cold, the sun has been shining all day and made everything look better :) This picture is so gorgeous, take me to Summer time now...
{photo by Anna Verlet}


Such a treat

At last mister rob ryan's website has been launched! I'm such an avid follower of his blog...it's bordering on obsessive but I just love, love, LOVE his work. I kind of wish though it had been launched a few months earlier as it would have prooved to have been a huge help with the old dissertation. But hey, nevermind it just means I can enjoy gazing at his designs at my own leisure rather than for research! One of my absolute favourite pieces the he has created, was the 'cut-out dress' for British Vogue in 2006 it's just so pretty!

Well Done...

to my friend Lucy who has just received her first blog award for PrettyUgly. Her blog is brilliant and she's really good at updating it (something I'm trying my bestest at). Take a look at her portfolio and the gorgeous collection of scarves she has designed and made herself as part of her final graduation project!
My posts have been a bit hap-hazard at the moment, I really want to get into blogging as there are some really amazing ones out there and it seems they can create great opportunities for the publisher. So bear with me (as I'm still learning) and the appearance of the blog- I want it to intrest and grab the attention of anyone scrolling by...so fingers crossed I can make it look pretty :)
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