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I have my own website! http://www.mollyrowlands.com/ free to have a look- I am currently in the process of building it up and setting up the email. Exciting times me thinks!


oh em ge

It has been such a tough first week back at uni...I think reality has finally hit home (abit too late perhaps??).
I've been confined to my desk all week drawing, cutting, scanning blah blah blah  but my ocassional tea and cake breaks (has to be done, thanks to my mum!) have made me want to bake cakes all summer after graduation and not do much else. I think that sounds like a plan, right? Well whilst I should be typing up my endless pages of journal, I had a quick look at Cup of Jo which is one of my favourite blogs and this website had been posted and ofcourse I wanted to share it with you. Have a look at Ming Makes Cupcakes, they are making my mouth water just imagining how good some of them taste!

{photo from website}


Leading on from a brief which was set at uni for an exhibition, I have been working on a brief surrounding idea's of panic. Rather then the quick turn around I had hoped for, it has turned into a more in depth project as I have started to look at how birds can arouse fears and panic amongst humans. Before we left for the easter break, I went to a tutorial and presented the few bird illustrations I had been working on wondering which direction I could take them in. Being very illustrative, it was concluded that I needed to create some more design based...perhaps adding factual text to create a futher dimension to the illustrations and creating more options for the final format in which I could present the birds.

(Sorry about the formatting of the illustrations...not really sure what happened!)

A well needed break

Hope everyone has had a lovely easter and taken a well deserved break from the mountain of work which always seems to be looming at the minute! I definitely did and was very sad to have to return from a week in Malta. I fell in love with the country and the rustic charm the island posesses. Just thought I'd share some of the pictures with you as I need to escape back there (I am already back down to work). I just love how vibrant all of the colours were, especially as the sun never stopped shining! Also look how cute the buses are!

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