Class of 2010

We did it....we graduated! Well Done Design and Art Direction :)

If I knew you were coming I'd a baked a cake....

All these rainy days haven't left me with much to do except wanting to stay curled up in my 'jamas all day eating cake. Not being bothered to venture to buy cake...I decided to do the next best thing and BAKE it!! So here are a few snaps of the yummy carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which I made to feast on...they were pretty good if I do say so myself :)



The Sunday after hand-in, I went on a little trip to London and in particular the famous Columbia Road market to visit Rob Ryans Shop 'Ryan Town'. It took a while to find the market, but once we arrived, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people and the huuuge flower market! Took a few pictures before we headed off to Camden and then Oxford Circus later on, where somehow we managed to stumble across the London Palladium and caught up with everyone looking gorgeous and heading into the BAFTA's!

I wish I had taken lots of money to RyanTown, beacuse believe you me I could have bought it all. I would love to own one of the ceramic tiles and a huge screen print...maye if I keep dropping hints someone will buy me one for Christmas! Instead I settled for 2 of his laser cut cards which are just so lovely! All in all it was a very busy and long day, but had such a wonderful time...I would do it again this Sunday if I could!

Welcome to the 4th floor...

*D&AD Degree Show 2010*

After many months of stress and strain, June 18th arrived and the degree show opened to the public. The show looked brilliant, I especially loved the 'book room' which gave a professional edge to the event. I took a few pictures to show the work which happens on D&AD, the works varied greatly but each piece added to the show in a unique manner. The online gallery can be found here, and acts as a directory to everyone who was involved! I feel so sad it has all come to end, even though I cursed it many times during the past 6 months..now I'm deciding what to do with myself, I am finding myself wishing that there was a sketchbook to annotate or a final concept to create.HELP!

The work I included in the show, was an A1 poster of a series of bird illustrations. Printed on Fabriano, the illustrations accompanied my book- a collection of personal ads created for the characteristics of each bird. I also included an illustrated catalogue titled, 'Miss Molly's Daily Guide of Essentials and Utensils...' which again was a series of illustrations of everything I use in a day from my toothbrush to a teabag!

the rest of the show....


Long time no see...

It has been such a long time since I last blogged, but let me tell you...June was such a busy month! I'm back today with so much to blog about, so if you keep popping by you will slowly be able to catch up with my goings ons!

June was also the month when I found out my degree, and I was thrilled to bits with my 2:1...it's been a long 4 years at MMU but all worthwhile in the end and I am very proud of myself and all of my friends for making it to the end. Cannot wait for graduation next week!
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