Tutorial II

Yesterday, I made sure I the was in the studio bright and early to do some work before my second tutorial with Hitch. I really needed to create more experiments as my idea's have only just come about over the past few days. Needless to say I managed to get distracted so only managed to a few samples for my work which overall I felt weren't that great, however I took them into the tutorial with me as I suppose something is better than nothing. I knew what themes I wanted and which option to pick for part 2 of the brief, it was just the narrative and content (probably the most important factors of the project) which needed some guidance and some refining!!
I told Hitch how I wanted to use paper as I love it so much, I also want the colour scheme to be mostly white maybe with a few shades of grey. He talked simplifying my thumbnail sketches and rather than keeping myself in my sketchbook, to go and create some actual pieces which would then allow me to see how I could fit them in to making a book/ fold out poster. I found a quote 'Maybe they're just birds honey...' which was a mother talking to a child regarding the terrorist attacks in New York on 9/11. I thought this was a beautiful piece of language and made me start thinking about feathers, however maybe its too specific to the tragedy so Hitch talked about finding some more general quotes which I could combine with my imagery.
So afterwards I wandered to the good old paper store and bought all the shades of white paper they had and some grey, blue and birch(which Kirsty made me buy!!) Then I began to cut and play...I need to take pictures of the work and when I get round to doing so, I will upload them on here.

Things to do:
  • Find more quotes/narrative to use
  • Practice Cutting
  • Visit the new laser cut machine
  • Create some actual experimental pieces- but not in my sketch book!

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