Competition Time!!

Finally, it's time to get away from the good old 'Silence' brief and venture into something new! We were given a list of various competition briefs to choose from which were provided by D&AD, YCN and ONEDOTZERO. When I looked I was immediatly drawn to the YCN brief named 'Fedrigoni: Paper Promotion.' "Oooo" I thought, this looks like my kind of thing, anything to do with paper and I seemed to be attracted! So today was the first tutorial with Sue regarding the brief, armed with not very much to show, I went and finished totally geared up and motivated to make something that looks lovely and pretty and  nice. The main aims given in the brief are to make designers want to visit and use the Fedrigoni London Showroom bringing the paper company and the design community closer together. I'd had a few ideas, for example things that could be sent out to customers such as calenders and different installations/events that could take place in the space of the showroom. Everyone seemed to want to head in a similar direction however the main point which was put across by Sue was, "Don't resolve the project straight away." So instead of jumping straight in I am going to taken some time out to play with paper and explore the endless possibilities of a single sheet. Doing this will point me in the right direction and who knows where this will lead?

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