Death by pigeon...but everything was sequinned!

Today myself, Isobel and Kat braved the bitterly cold weather and took a trip to Liverpool in order to pad out the old journal and to soak up some culture in the art galleries, we visited exhibitions at the 'Walker Gallery,' 'Tate' and 'Fact' we also attempted to go to the 'Open Eye Gallery' but it was closed when we eventually found it (Kat's Duke of Edinburgh award was definitely a huge help!!). Bad times. We didn't let this dampen our spirits and we carried on walking around before we allowed ourselves to have a browse in Topshop. On our wanderings whilst being attacking by several pigeons, we walked past the offices which is where the winners of the £45 million prize money from the euro millions work and saw this sign in the window reading 'I'm Minted', which made us laugh (although since I arrived home, I've heard that the picture has already been in the news!)

I found visiting the exhibitions really useful and some pieces of work inspiring however there were pieces I really did not like and really did not understand..but I suppose art's what you make of it and you don't have to like everything!

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