Next stop on our trip after realising that the Openeye Gallery was closed was FACT, a gallery which is centered towards the exhibition of film and motion picture. At the timeof our visit the main exhibition was artist Apichatpong Weerrasethakul's (apparently known as Joe!!) 'Primitive', a video installation which is shown across different screens. Each one depicting something different such as the creation of the spaceship, explosions hitting the ground, portraits of soldiers, sleeping and dreaming. The whole experience of entering the exhibition was quite strange, the room had a red glow and screens were playing different films on each wall. A huge watch tower was central in the room and everything seemed quite chaotic. I'm not a fan of most conceptual video installations and didn't grasp the whole idea of the exhibit, I felt quite uncomfortable being so out of my depth and not having the slightest understanding of the meanings behind the films. Perhaps I should have allowed myself a longer period of time to watch the films, but in this instance I didn't like them.

The above image is of The Yes Men's 'Halliburton SurvivaBalls.' They were designed by The Yes Men, as mock survival suits to be used to protect corporate managers from natural disasters. I liked the light-hearted aesthetic of these two pieces which hung high above the cafe and shop area, refreshing after being in the oppresive atmosphere of the 'Primitive' exhibition.

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