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Amongst all of the other tasks I am (desperately) trying to complete, we have been asked to carry out a personal project. Over the Christmas holidays I have found it really, quite difficult to conjur up any motivation but finally I think the work bug has hit me, so here I am trying to do 'things.' For some reason I feel creating a blog can be considered a 'piece of work,' even though deep, deep down I know I'm VERY wrong.

Deciding what brief and which way to approach it for my personal project has been a toughie! Trawling through the D&AD and YCN websites did not fill me with much creativity. I took along a few idea's to my PDP meeting with Sue, but we both agreed that they didn't suit my practice, whatever that may be. She went in to suggest looking at the ISTD competition briefs particularly the one called '100'. We had talked about which direction I may want to head in after first term, and my love of paper-cut seems to be the chosen route, Sue said this project would be a way in which I could take full advantage to do what I enjoy and adapt the brief to suit my work.

So here I am currently writting all my ideas down and I have really begun to like the idea of looking at language and how I could combine typography and paper cut. I suppose I must get on!

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