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In my quest to become a better blogger, I have been scrolling through lots of blogs which I have found hugely inspiring; both aesthetically and content wise. I though it would be nice to share them with you:

The first one I found was called Tea For Joy. It's just so lovely, full of all things British and Vintage...you could scroll through it for simply hours. The blog is also linked to the online store PaperMash (a new one of my favourites!) I simply adore the range of decorative tapes, especially the Japenese Masking Tapes- I NEED one (or even 3) of every roll. Please.

The second discovery is called (oh, hello friend.) you are loved. Simply wonderful. I love the idea of the package exchange. The idea being you send a beautifully, packaged parcel to a stranger and in return you receive one which is equally gorgeous! The gallery of images from previous exchanges is just so lovely and I could look through this blog all day long. I demand you go and take a peep now!

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