Such a treat

At last mister rob ryan's website has been launched! I'm such an avid follower of his blog...it's bordering on obsessive but I just love, love, LOVE his work. I kind of wish though it had been launched a few months earlier as it would have prooved to have been a huge help with the old dissertation. But hey, nevermind it just means I can enjoy gazing at his designs at my own leisure rather than for research! One of my absolute favourite pieces the he has created, was the 'cut-out dress' for British Vogue in 2006 it's just so pretty!

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  1. Hi... Just found your blog by a comment that you left on Cindy's blog (Scherenschnitte). Just thought I would pop in.

    What an amazing piece of art! This dress is spectacular. I have yet to really get to know a lot of papercutters. I am mostly familiar with Cindy from Scherenschnitte, Jan from http://snippetygibbet.blogspot.com/ , and Emily Hogarth. You may also like Melissa's blog at http://clarkcuts.blogspot.com/

    I also do some papercuttings. You can find them at http://daysease.blogspot.com/

    Thank you for this great post!! Now, I have to go back and look at that dress again! Have a great day! :-)


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