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*D&AD Degree Show 2010*

After many months of stress and strain, June 18th arrived and the degree show opened to the public. The show looked brilliant, I especially loved the 'book room' which gave a professional edge to the event. I took a few pictures to show the work which happens on D&AD, the works varied greatly but each piece added to the show in a unique manner. The online gallery can be found here, and acts as a directory to everyone who was involved! I feel so sad it has all come to end, even though I cursed it many times during the past 6 months..now I'm deciding what to do with myself, I am finding myself wishing that there was a sketchbook to annotate or a final concept to create.HELP!

The work I included in the show, was an A1 poster of a series of bird illustrations. Printed on Fabriano, the illustrations accompanied my book- a collection of personal ads created for the characteristics of each bird. I also included an illustrated catalogue titled, 'Miss Molly's Daily Guide of Essentials and Utensils...' which again was a series of illustrations of everything I use in a day from my toothbrush to a teabag!

the rest of the show....

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