Sherill Anne Gross

I recently came across the artist/designer Sherill Anne Gross, whilst researching methods of contemporary illustration during the summer brief! I really enjoyed the attention paid to the detailing seen on the surface of the paper which adds texture. Sherill has extensive experience working for both design agencies and as a freelance designer, designing work for print environment, which includes area's such as interactive media, large format exhibitions, photographic collages, retail sales packaging, advertisements, calenders and various other marketing material including magazines. In 2007 she set herself a project which she called 'One-a-(weekday)'. The task involved her creating a technical drawing/cutting once a weekday and then posting it one her blog http://sagworks.wordpress.com/. The work was the published in a book- something which I need to add to my collection!! Sherill's website http://www.sagworks.com/ is full of inspiration and as I love cut paper illustration so much, I really enjoy having a good nosey and getting some ideas. One of my favourite quotes on the website is

"I say my artwork is what happens when you run with scissors.

It is only created with paper, glue and patience."

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