Yesterday, we were assigned our first brief for third year named 'Silence.' We have been asked to research all of the possible concepts and visual potential of silence. "Reflecting on what Silence could mean and begin a body of visual experiments that visualise your ideas and visual studies. This can be Digital Photography-found imagery, drawing, scanning and software experiments- an amalgam of these or just one approach-it is open to your interpretation." When I first looked at the brief, I panicked but during the lecture each lecturer took it in turns to present to us their personal interpretations of the word, a mixture of imagery and text. This put my mind at rest and I began to think about my own ideas and interpretations, but I don't want to make my approach too literal. Having looked at the examples given to us on the third year blog, I have begun to think about how and why silence exists and the feelings behind the word. Its time to get thinking....Here are a few samples of the tutors' interpretations:

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