"Always Make Tea"

So on Tuesday afternoon we were introduced to Nicola Rowlands. One of last years first degree graduates (or however you would say it.) Nicola talked about placements, her journal, her life after D&AD and gave us some general top tips to make 3rd year that little bit easier.

*Be nice to your teachers
*Be confident
*Be genuine
*Go out on a limb - but don't be too wacky
*Get your work out there
*Don't put all of your eggs in one basket- Keep an open mind
*Don't blend in
*Be aware - watch TV, read the newspaper
*Be yourself and not someone else
*Keep in touch
*Always make tea

I really enjoyed her light hearted approach to the lecture, there appeared to be light at the end of the tunnel and for a slight moment 3rd year seemed to be not that scary. I have looked at her website and blog (see link) and they are amazing! The blog is jam packed and totally up to date...something which I am working on, I would love to be that organised :) ah well! Nicola's work is brilliant, I loved her hand drawn techniques and all the different elements within her designs. Her creative style is so individual and really reflected in her lovely personality, all of Nicola's hard work has definitely paid off and can be considered to be an creative inspiration for us D&AD'ers!

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