Silence Photographs

On Thursday I had my tutorial with Sue where we discussed our ongoing Silence projects! We took part in a group crit which I found to be really useful, laying our work out on the desk we then got the chance to gain critical views of our current work. I showed Sue the earlier photographs I had taken of the shadows created from the papercut feathers I had made, we went onto discuss how I might use them in correspondence to part 2 of the silence brief and I rose the issue of my struggle to find a suitable narrative to tie in with the pieces I had created so far. The earlier piece of language I had used was 'Maybe they're just birds honey,' and even though it was found to be a beautiful piece of language relating to 9/11, during previous tutorials we discussed how perhaps it wasn't personal enough to the subject. I've struggled since then to find anything that wasn't a complete memorial/testimonial to the disaster which took place. I explained this to Sue and she told me to consider the more mundane language, and how this might work combined with my images of the feathers and also how I could ask my friends and family (of all ages) to write down a few words which they remember of the event i.e. where they were, what they remember and any thoughts they had. These short pieces of text could then be broken down and used as the narrative for my project.

I felt alot happier after this tutorial, and after being given some direction I felt really motivated to get on with the project. So I sat down and did some more cuttings and played with the shadows they created. I had yet to find any narrative so I used the quote that Sue had given which was 'I need to buy a sleeping bag,' this is what she remembers thinking whilst riding home after watching footage of the twin towers. So here are a few further experiments...

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