Today was my first tutorial of the year with Hitch. We discussed the 'Kino4' brief and the new 'Silence' brief, and I felt really positive towards both projects afterwards.

Regarding the summer brief, we discussed the possible route in which we could take it further. Everyone's work was completely different and could be developed through many possible route, starting by selecting various film that we are more familiar with and would be suitable for the kino film club then designing posters for those would remain consistent with the ones initially designed for the brief. Hitch suggested that rather than the image, I should perhaps take the idea of the elongated text and incorporate in with the logo and it was felt it did not totally correspond with the themes within the rest of the poster design. Hitch also suggested adding stills taken from the films or illustrative features along the lines of the elongated typography.

My initial thoughts on this brief led me to think about actual silence and what it is. I began to think about 'silent' materials like cotton wool. sponge and feathers. Feathers were my main subject and I began to gather images, found feathers fall silently from often an unknown source which I feel represents their silent nature. I came across this black and white image of a feather which is covered in clear dew drops. The delicate nature of the image has an almost soothing and peaceful effect on the audience similar to what silence creates.

This idea of feathers however is far too literal and I decided it was a different route I needed to take, so began to look at what actually creates silence even when we are surrounded by other amounts of noise. I was led to think about events such as September 11th and Hurricane Katrina, both of which were completely different however no matter how much noise each of the disasters created, the complete destruction and devastation occurring at time results in a reaction of silence from the shock and confusion of what is going on. After looking at my images, Hitch gave me a few pointers to think about and suggested that I may want to consider using text instead of images and combining the ideas of the calming effect of the feathers against the destruction.

  • Refine idea
  • Silhouettes? Silent figures
  • Text could be used? People who were part of the disasters, their personal accounts
  • Combination of image of feathers and text
  • Be experimental, use photogarphy?

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