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Johnny Hardstaff Lecture
On Tuesday we were introduced to the world of commercials by Johnny Hardstaff, a renowned director in the field! He began the lecture talking about the start of his career and his lack of software skills in the beginning, which immediately reassured my anxiety of being a little scared of the majority of the software we use on this course!! I was deeply enthralled by the number of tiny images and doodles which filled the pages in his sketchbook, he told us when he graduated he, "didn't know what to do-so sat and doodled."
I am not a huge fan of moving image and other digital work and I wasn't really familiar with much of his work, but by the time the lecture had ended,I felt much more comfortable within my own practice as I saw what having very little software skills has led to for Johnny within the industry. Overall a very enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking lecture!!
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