Libby Scarlett

A little bit of a late post...but I thought it was something I had blogged. Libby Scarlett is a former student who came in to talk to us 3rd years about how she survived her final year. The main point of the lecture was a look at journals and what to include, with a strong emphasis on us recording everything we do as we go along. (and I'm really trying hard to do this and keep up with the year!) Libby's journal had a really beautiful aesthetic and was so well executed, something I would like to replicate with my final journal.

I really liked the idea of the postcards in the box, a much nicer idea than the standard file format I usually use! We are frequently being told, that it's the content rather than the appearance of the journal which is most important and the method and language we use to contextualise the past year. But surely theres something wrong with making something look pretty...

Libby's lecture was a great inspiration especially with regards to dealing with the final year and the journals. I also really enjoyed seeing how she developed her blog and website, it has clearly helped her self-promotion Libby also reassured us that keeping the blog is definitley the way forward to mapping out thoughts, feeings ideas etc based around this final year!

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