Mid-term reviews

 I felt rather nervous in relation to last Thursday’s review. I wasn’t too sure how my work would be perceived and I felt completely clueless in regards to what direction I was heading in, with both this current brief and any other future briefs. I began by showing the summer Kino project, initially I was really pleased with my outcome as it had meant I had produced the final designs on the computer (something which I am a little afraid of doing) but after analysing it and presenting it to the rest of the review group I was able to look at it with a critical eye for the first time. My inspirations were drawn from the work of Kuntzel and Deygas and their opening sequence for the film ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ I chose to use a similar theme in my poster however my design for the identity didn’t comply with the overall design. It was suggested this was something for me to work on further, and we discussed how I could use typography and incorporated that within designs for the identity. It was good to finally discuss the work carried out over summer to gain a better understanding of what everyone thought. It is definitely something I would like to carry on with, I would like to pick my own range of films and complete a series of designs, which eventually may end up in my portfolio.
Next I presented the current Silence project, my work for this included pages of research from my sketchbook, illustrations, and paper and photographic experiments. I went onto explain my current struggle with sourcing a suitable narrative, which would be easily associated with my imagery and the subject of 9/11. I really want to keep the narrative sympathetic to the subject matter still at the same time not turn it into a memorial towards the event. I was given a number of pointers to think about in order to collect suitable narrative such as; thinking about my target audience think about a title and how anything found will relate to my chosen imagery of feathers. I don’t think it was clearly understood why I had chosen the image of feathers but it was all in relation to the photograph taken of the ‘falling man.’ Before the review I was in the process of gathering peoples thoughts and recollections of the event but John and Hitch suggested I look at quotes from the workers, the families and the witnesses- anything I could source from the media. I feel maybe the more mundane quotes may work against the delicacy of my imagery. I found the review at this stage totally useful- especially getting a chance to see where everyone else was up to. The only aspect I of the review I was not pleased with was being given our grades in front of the other members of the group, I’m not trying to argue with my grade as I agree and understand why I was given the grade I was given however I just didn’t think it was fair and thought it should’ve been done confidentially. The review allowed me to gain a more positive view of the Silence and Kino work and has really motivated me; this was down to gaining a critical perspective off two tutors and also see everyone elses work and processes. Definitely not as scary as I first thought it would be!

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