Last week during our Tuesday lecture slot, we were briefed with a series of competition briefs. Some of which were taken from the new YCN book so Alex from the agency came in to have a chat with us. YCN began as a student award foundation and each year they publish a book which is full of winners/commendations from the previous year's briefs and a selections of new ones from vast aray of companies. The first ever brief was sponsered by Ben and Jerry's which paved way for companies such as Google, Sainsbury's, Orange, BBC2 and Sky to name just a few. 

It was very interesting to see how the company has since developed and the introduction of A is for Awards campaign. Pictured above the new award will be presented periodically to emerging talent in the art and design industry. A similar, smaller verison in white will also be awarded to those commended in the live student briefs.

I didn't really absorb much information during this lecture (I began to day-dream) but one point which Alex made has stuck with me was 'Think about your studio practice when answering the briefs.' It wasn't until this final year which I have begun to do this and I think it's a sound piece of advice as there is definitely no point what-so-ever doing something you just cannot do and failing. This is something I am going to focus and improve upon, by concentrating on my strengths I think any potential I have will be more evident within my work. I am really looking forward now to answering the Fedrigoni Paper Promotion brief- as I quite like paper, I think I might have mentioned that fact before!

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