12 IN 12- Craig Oldham

Another Tuesday lecture and we were introduced to Craig Oldham who gave a very helpful and entertaining lecture in which he discussed 12 things we might learn during our first year of being a designer in a very 'matter of fact way!' I really enjoyed the lecture and it opened my eyes to the actual harsh reality of the graphic design industry. There is so much work to do if I want to make a career out of this industry when I graduate eeek- best get my head down...

The 12 points in the lecture were displayed in a newspaper style booklet (see above) and it felt quite refreshing to be given reading material which accompanied the lecture as it is something which can be used for referance later on. The points:

1/ Understand what graphic design is to you. Define Creativit, and what you value as good design then you'll know what it takes to acheive it. Am I bunch A (the logical) or am I bunch B (big ideas)?
Not really sure how I would define myself. Probably bunch myself with the B's. I never really have a concept and I certainly do not have much logic- I just go with what I feel and see what happens.

2/ Be honest with yourself about your strengths and your weaknesses. Know what you are best at.
In other words do not be scared to say you cannot do something. I'm not that great at computer stuff but could attempt the basics, there would definitely be no hope in me building a website like craig said in the lecture "Web design- It's like the darks arts." FACT! I need to stick with my hand rendered work using paper...much more up my street!

3/ A portfolio is for life, not just for an interview. Treat it like an ongoing project and update it everytime you do something.
I need to start this! Maybe I should update it like I update my blog (which is a bit haphazard at the minute) but it could be an idea.

4/ Placements matter, so do them.
Erm enough said on this one!

5/ The design insdustry is small: everyone knows evrybugger else.
Need to get my foot in the door.

6/ Participate with other peopl and share your ideas: two heads are better than one.
This is good because I quite like to share my ideas, it's nice to know what other people think. It's the only way to improve.

7/ Graphic Design is just a job. But being a designer is different.
Being a designer means that you are constantly thinking- I don't think I will ever work for a graphic design agency, it's just not me.

8/ If you don't fail then you are trying.
Sometimes I feel like I am always failing, maybe I'm doing something right for a change.

9/ Life and work exist outside London.
Good. Because I don't want to live or work there, maybe only stay for a few days and shop.

10/ Designing I'd say is only 20% of your jobs. Thats it.

11/ Have a life ouside of design. Let your life inspire your design.
Currently this degree is my life, when I have graduated this whole 'having a life' lark will be something I will DEFINITELY considering!

12/ Work hard and be nice to people.
I try my hardest to do this...it's not always possible though!

Craig was young himself, only graduating 3 years ago he understood what we are currently going through, the lessons we face and the difficulties which will creep up on us as we try to establish ourselves. All in all though I left the lecture feeling enlightned and a little more confident in my practices, similar to how I felt after listening to Libby and Nicola talk about their experiences after graduation. Time to get moving...

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