Hamish Muir

The first lecture of December was kicked off by Hamish Muir. A throughly enjoyable lecture as we actually learnt a little bit about Muir, we learnt his places of study, his initial thoughts on art and design and went onto see the development in his work over many years in the industry.

After breaking graduating from a postgraduate course at Basel School of Design in 1981, Muir ventured back to England. Later on in 1985 he met fellow designers Mark Holt and Simon Johnston, who like Muir had influences of working within the design industry outside of the U.K, the 3 of them went onto to form 8VO.

It was the first part of the lecture which I enjoyed the most. The majority of the group's early work was collage and hand drawn type which was then photographed...this all happened long before the introduction of computers and mac's into graphic design. Seeing the earlier work by Muir had definitely helped me a resassure myself and my practice, it was invaluable to see how handmade work had such a prominent place in the design industry and hopefully still does. Below are some images of Hamish's work for the Hacienda and Factory records, which was produced as part of the 8VO group.

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