Helen Murgatroyd

Another graduate of MMU, Helen Murgatroyd paid us a visit to show us her illustrations and drawings. She is now studying for an MA at the Royal Collage of Art. I wasn't overly keen on some of the current work which Helen showed us, but after having a nosey at her online portfolio there were a few things including some commercial commissions which caught my eye.

I remember way back when I began studying D&AD, we were shown a piece of Helen's 'mapping' work and it has been shown to us every year ever since. The 'Food Preperation Map's,' have been a point of research simply for the style and the final execution of the pieces which are just lovely. Attention to detail has been to every part, and I just love the chosen colour scheme and stock in which they have been printed on.

I have enjoyed the majority of the visiting lecturers we have had, especially because I think they have illustrated the 'less digital' aspect of design. Helen talked about how and why she had made her own drawing implimants, and looking at the final pieces there is such a personal elemant to them. I felt rather inspired after Helen's lecture, it was given very naturally, which almost put me at ease with the course (even if it was only for 5 minutes!!)

Below are some more examples of he work:

menu for 'cup'

Hand-made power point

'Ascension' T-shirts

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