Paper LAB


As part of my general liking of paper and ongoing research into the 'Paper Promotion' brief I looked at the art of paper folding and learnt how to fold Japenese styleee using traditional origami models. Here they are below, the colours of the paper are abit 'in your face,' but they came in the set!!

basic bird, frog and flower folds

star box


lotus flowers

Now I have learnt some of the basics, I am a little stuck as to where and how I could apply them to the brief...


  1. Nice. After going through the pictures on your blog I can say that you are a talented person. Like the paper lotus flower. Wish If you could share the procedure of creating it. Iflorist.co.uk

  2. Ah thankyou very much! I was teaching myself the basic principles of folding and used a model from a website, here's the link:


    enjoy! :)


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