After my PDP, felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Becoming a little stuck with the silence brief, and only just really developing my final idea for 'Fedrigoni' I felt like there were so many loose ends which needed to be tidied up before Christmas (which is fast approaching). However talking to Sue, I set myself a few deadlines which I have been cracking on with this weekend, so hopefully (finger's crossed!) I can just focus on the essay and personal project over the holiday season!!

Task 1:
Produce final spreads for Silence, adding the chosen text to create final layouts for my portfolio. Then I am able to spend time before hand-in turning these layout's into spreads for a book!

Task 2:
By Tuesday 15th have final drawings/designs for bookmark ready to be sent to lasercut. Then create final competition boards showing final concepts.

Task 3:
Decide on personl project by Wednesday 16th!!!

Setting myself these mini deadlines may allow me to at least have Christmas day off and not stress too much, although not feeling a certain level of stress would just be weird right now.

During my PDP, Sue and I also discussed my current method of practice which seems to have developed into kind of paper cut illustrations. Choosing the correct personal project will give me the opportunity to develop and practice the skill, which will hopefully help me set on the right path after Christmas. I felt really reassured that this could be an area that I could continue working in and develop.

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