Silence "The Falling Man"

Final Responce to the project 3:1, 'Silence.' The handmade trouser book convey's the story of 'The Falling Man,' which was inspired by the iconic image of the man jumping from one of the twin towers on 9/11. The shadow's of the feathers represent the unidentified individual falling gracefully and each page uses a single word to convey his thoughts and feelings as he jumped. Feather's fall unidentified from above us as did many brave individuals during the terrible attacks which took place and I would hope that each of the cutout feathers and shadows would sympathetically reflect this and each person's unique bravery. The narrative within the piece is almost poetic and the words can be compiled in many different ways depending on the reader. The trouser book format was used as each 'leg' when opened fully is symbolic of each of the towers as is the falling motion of the pages when the book is opened. A simple greyscale colour palette was maintained to keep in with the sombre tone of the book.

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