My response to this brief was a series of hand-cut bookmarks which could be sent to existing and new clients promoting the paper company Fedrigoni and invite them to visit their London showroom. I once heard 'everyone loves to get something nice in the post...' this is so true so I thought I would do just that and create something unique and personal to mail out. I thought of creating the bookmarks as I initially began thinking about what kind of envelope would stand out on a desk amongst all the regular manilla ones. An elongated envelope was my solution which would have a certain tactility to it created by a single 'f' cut-out to represent the name of the company. Cutting out the letter would enable the receiver to have a glance into the contents, provoking intrigue regarding the contents and the sender. As the bookmark is acting as an almost buisness card/ invitation, I was fully aware of the corporate side of my designs which is something I wanted to avoid. I really wanted the bookmarks to look hand-made and unique, something which could be kept, used and referred to time after time. The list of words on the front of the design were hand-cut and hilight the endless possibilities within a single sheet of paper. Using words like 'ink,' 'sew,' 'cut' and 'fold' illustrate another side to design, with hand manipulation and hand crafted pieces becoming more dominant in contemporary design- I would hope the mail would appeal to artist and crafts people who chose to create work by hand rather than solely use digital media in order to simply print on Fedrigoni paper. The companies logo, address and website was simply printed on the reverse of the bookmark as to not detract from the quality and beauty of the paper used. I chose to stick with white, black and 'kraft' paper to keep tones natural and I think they work really and look very effective, especially when placed inside and hand-written envelope of the same colour. I would like to expand this project futher and probably could have created an event surrounding my designs to be held at the showroom, if only I had better time management!!

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