RSA stamp brief

It's been quite a while since I blogged about my own work, mostly because I had lost all self motivation (not good at this point of 3rd year), but after a review on Friday and a feedback session with my tutor on tuesday I realised I was so close to actually finishing this RSA stamp brief. The brief asked to re-design a set of commemorative stamps for the Royal Mail based on either 'bio-diversity' or 'country definitives.' I chose to look at the country definitive option and I began to collect people's different ideals of the the four countries in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales).

After much procrastination over which subject matters to cover for each country, I decided to focus on the idea of food resulting in a set of 4 stamps (1 of which is the national emblem of the country) based on the national foods. This was chosen as a theme as I believe it to be a unique and contemporary approach to the stamp's design and a subject matter which would appeal to everyone.

The simple ink illustrations were drawn onto water colour paper, scanned and the colour was digitally applied. I'm quite pleased with the final designs but am still working on the packaging to case them in, but thought i'd share with you where I am upto at the minute!

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